Americans comfortable with Police State?

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 11:37am -- mjpierce
30% of respondents would submit to Body Cavity Search to fly

The results of a recent Harris Interactive Poll reveals just how comfortable many have become with the Police State.

Understanding that these gutless wonders exist, reminds me of the Merle Haggard lyric: "I read about some squirrly guy who claims that he just don't believe in fightin', and I wonder just how long, the rest of us can count on being free"

Here are the questions, with response rates broken into political party affliliation.

Q1610 Given the recent reports concerning the threat posed by terrorists who plan to implant bombs within their own bodies, how willing, if at all, would you be to undergo a TSA body cavity search in order to fly?

Q1615 In 2008, the Department of Homeland Security expressed an interest in having travelers wear electric shock bracelets that would both track travelers through the airport as well as allow airport officials and flight crews to incapacitate potential terrorists. How willing, if at all, would you be to wear such a bracelet in order to fly?

Q1620 In some cases, the TSA's more invasive pat down procedures now include agents touching travelers' genital area through their clothing. How acceptable, if at all, do you feel this is, considering the potential major threat posed by terrorists?


Q1625 How reasonable or unreasonable do you feel it is that travelers should be made by law to obey every command given by a TSA agent inside an airport or any other public place given the threat posed by terrorists?