Mike Lindell

"If we don't have a country, then I don't have a business", said Mike Lindell, when he was asked why he was risking his personal fortune.

The 2020 Election was unlike any I my lifetime.  Vote counts going down on Live TV?  Vote Counting stopped at 10PM, but video showing a small group of people pull boxes from under a table and run them through tabulaters multiple times.

The most amazing thing is how the very notion that there was fraud is wiped from the public.

Lindell’s allegations of election fraud has had almost zero support from main-stream conservatives, yet he has forged a dogged path of his own to uncover what really happened on November 3, 2020.  I think about the Book of Acts.

Here is what I did see for myself:

  • CNN was there to cover it; Fox News was not.
  • Apparent evidence that Microsoft SQL Server was placed on the machines early on November
  • An incredible campaign to hide information and smear any attendee

You don’t have to agree with Mike, you don’t have to like Mike, but I think you have to agree that he’s fighting for America




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