I've never seen a more forceful push for a flu vaccine.  It's really amazing to see the mobilization.

I read a comment about WHY the government is so desperate to have EVERYONE vaccinated that I think may be true: They MUST get rid of the control group.

The longer we have more than 50% un-jabbed, the easier it to see the effects of the vaccinated

We've all read stories about fully-vaccinated getting the China virus. The hierarchy enslaving you (They) is in a panic.  They are working hard to spin the data, setting different requirements for PCR thresholds for Vaxxed vs Pure Blood patients.  The very definition of vaccine has been changed.  The truth is: both can get Covid.  

Once 100% vaccination can be reached, then any deaths or debilitating effects can be blamed on something else. 

Pfizer and Moderna have ENDED the control groups, so there will be no data on the long-term effects.  When I read that I was like WTF.  Some doctors have estimated:

  • Risk of myocarditis and pericarditis within 1 week 
  • Recurrent illness, just don't feel good within 6 months
  • Infertility within a year and half
  • Heart and Lung conditions within 3-4 years

This is why Billions of tax dollars to pressure, shame, and threaten you, because their time is short.  They didn't expect so many people to just not get it.

War Games

Once again, the only winning move is not to play.

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