Trump Rally

Once again, Youtube censors  Rightside Broadcasting from publishing the speech Donald Trump made last night in Perry.

I watched the LIVE broadcast on RSBN, but this morning the Video-on-Demand version has been blocked:

This is because of the information released Friday in the Arizona Audit Report

They don't want people to even talk about it. You should not be demoralized!

There is Bitchute and Rumble. The information still gets out.

Remember, if the situation was hopeless, the propaganda and censorship would not be necessary. 

“We’re going to take back our country from these lunatics.”  President Trump shared in front of a massive crowd in Georgia.

He also spoke about the Invasion of the southern border, which we all see this to be:  An Invasion.

There is still a tweet available of his comments on the Arizona Audit

It must be terrifying for liberals all over the world to see normal people standing up against the Tyranny they are trying to force on this country.  I love their reactions now, straight to personal insults.  Excellent.

As a reminder:

Election night totals before the call was made at 4AM:

PA Trump by 682,000 votes (15.2%)
GA Trump by 311,000 votes (7.5%)
MI Trump by 307,000 votes (9.8%)
WI Trump by 128,000 votes (4.9%)
NC Trump by 77,000 votes (1.4%)

Trump Won.


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