A picture from Fort Mountain in August 2022

2022 was a year of incredible highs and lows that helped refine my spirit and my character.  So to you, the reader of this, and for my future self, I'll jot down my feelings at the beginning of this year.


First and foremost, my Faith remained strong.  There were times when I was weary, worried, and frustrated at things that were beyond my control.  There is nothing worse than feeling alone and scared.  I was able to overcome these feelings by staying in God's Word, and continuing to pray. 

Several years ago, my prayers were usually for someone else, never about me.  But now, they are much more personal: mostly THANKING Him for seeing me through whatever issue had preoccupied my thoughts in the past or for unexpected blessings that I had received.  Other times, they are more pleading: "Lord, I'm afraid, Please help me!"  Prayer doesn't usually invoke an instant response that we all would like.  Sometimes I feel like I don't have much faith at all., but by doing those two things: Staying in the scripture and Praying, I was able to overcome the challenges and changes that faced me in 2022.

I always have a sense of amazement, when prayers that only He and I know about are answered.

My Baptism

The picture of the mountains, and the sky, and the trees, and the grasses reminds me of how great our God is.  And to think that He cares for ME, is sometimes overwhelming.  Stay Strong in 2023!


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