The Battles of 2023

Michael and the Devil

The year started out so great.  Dawgs were back to back National Champions!  My work was going so well.  I had plans for things I wanted to do in the year.

And then, it hit.  My main computer, a Thread Ripper  with 128G memory and 2TB SSDs, went off-line.  If you've ever dealt with warranty service, you have to jump through all their hoops.  I was a few days inside the 2 year warranty period, for both the processor and the motherboard.  

My backup computer was already old, and I had planned to replace it.  It started acting up.

Then the loss of computing: "AH, my finances, my passwords, awwwww".  Typical panic.  But I did have some backups.  And I had full backup, but it was a separate disk drive.  I didn't want to risk the backup by f'ing with it.

I had credit card points.  Enough to buy a new macbook to move my finances on.  

I was YEARS on a windows VM on Linux, just to do Quicken.  I realized Tracy would never be able to get to it.  So I bought the Macbook moved finances, recovered passwords, and I was back.  Summer was spent on Warranty work: 2 ASUS motherboards, memory, video card, and finally AMD processor.  

In meantime, I built a new Linux computer  Beefy Intel build

It turned out to be the AMD processor.  I had to fight them on not requiring me to change motherboards.  But eventually they came through with an upgrade from my 3970 to a 3990.  Put it in. BAM! We're back in business.

Then there was this website.  Updating from Drupal 9.5.11 to 10, was fun.

Setup up my various dev environments after the long no-coding time over the summer.  I had to re-learn.   There were a lot changes.

But if this submit goes through, I'm ready for 2024




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