My Mission Statement

It is my mission in life to take the initiative and the responsibility to make positive things happen for the betterment of myself, my family, my friends, my business partners, and all whom I come in contact. I acknowledge that I don’t always get to choose my mission, but rather willingly accept it.

The main principles on which I center my life are:

  • fairness – treating myself and others with respect, equity, sincerity, and morality
  • honesty – conforming my words to the reality of my circumstance, feelings, and thoughts
  • integrity – making my actions consistent with my words

These principles create the foundation of trust – essential to all other things I undertake

  • maturity – the courage to express my convictions and consideration for the same in others
  • potential – recognizing the ability to grow and develop my talent
  • growth – my potential can be released through an evolutionary process
  • patience – the ability to endure calmly according to God’ s will and time, not my own

These principles create self-confidence that allows me to achieve effectiveness

I will use my self-awareness, imagination, conscience, and independent will to continuously focus on my character, to seek change from the inside out, to BE. I will use these tools to develop my own resourcefulness and initiative to make my responses to life a matter of my conscious choice.

I choose: to be happy, to be generous, to be loyal, to have a cheerful spirit and high motive.

I will stand apart from my emotions when examining problems I am faced with to understand whether I have direct, indirect, or no control and then plan accordingly, focusing on my own circle of influence. I will then take action to solve those problems in a positive, decisive manner.

I will seek to build relationships by:

  • Understanding the individual – I will listen without evaluating, probing, advising or interpreting.
  • Attending to small kindness and courtesies – there is much I can do in this area.
  • Keeping commitments – I will make promises carefully, sparingly , then keep them.

I am committed to maintain my most prized asset – myself- through renewal in the following areas:

  • Physical – maintaining my endurance, flexibility, and strength
  • Spiritual – “the greatest battles of life are fought out daily in the silent chambers of the soul.” I will take time to keep a close personal relationship with God.
  • Mental – I must continuously inform and expand my mind through reading literature, writing, organizing and planning for the future, and for self-reflection
  • Social-emotional – I have to take time to make sure I remain true to my own principles (Gimpel)

A Eulogy of My Current Roles:

  • Self – “He was a Christian, was a continuous learner, and a cheerful and positive force.”
  • Husband- “He was trusting, supportive of her growth, and he really loved her.”
  • Father – “He set an example for his son to instill responsibility, openness, and caring.”
  • Son/Brother/Friend – “He was a good listener, was attentive, and worked to keep relationships.”
  • Project Manager – “He loved to plan and he empowered others to use proper tools and techniques to solve problems in a team atmosphere. He collected meaningful data, provided accurate interpretation and practical recommendations to improve systems and processes. He got the job done.”
  • Software Developer – “He developed software to simplify processes for the benefit of the people who need to accomplish things. He was committed to software freedom and a level business playing field.”
  • Business Owner – “He was motivated to help others, by lending his technical expertise to the public. He was an efficient manager of business activities and projected a high level of enthusiasm. He was source of knowledge regarding project management, process engineering, statistical and quality techniques.”