He was left alone, unsupervised
Providing on his own

He never gave the time or thought
to picking up the phone

He pressed the pause button for a minute
Playing with his dog
who'd never come inside
Unless I had a bone

And  he knows which way to go
Always on his own
But Never All Alone

He's never gonna tolerate a rainy day
He'd just as soon blow it all away

Never gonna jab me

4-track tape machine
Recording all of my thoughts and all of my dreams
And the troubles that are on my mind
I've come here to confess all the sins that are mine.

But you're never gonna jab me
Never stick your needles in
Why would you think that you could?

You got your Fauci-Vaccination
Now you've come to find: It only works if I get mine

Lay me down to sleep
I pray to the Lord above my soul to keep
And courage to face that day
I know I shouldn't think of what I'm gonna say

I Play Guitar

I play guitar, when I feel blue
I play guitar, when there's nothing else to do

I think up words, and write them down
I cross some off, and I move the others 'round

I think of things, and times gone by
I think of sad times, and it makes we want to cry

I think of thoughts, that drift way
I think of people, who have nothing left to say.

Talking Rock

Talking Rock is on my mind, a simpler place, a simpler time
Talking Rock is not hard to find, I close my eyes: Church Bells chime

Talking Rock a different time when I was young, unrefined
Talking Rock remembers me.  When I go there a Jubilee


Always a choice

Welcome back to you, my friend, I've wondered where you've been
I've got all your guitars tuned up, the amps are all plugged in

Welcome back to you, my friend, another chance to go astray
Step up to the microphone and blow our minds away...

And there's always a choice
And there's always a choice
And there's always a choice

Of what your gonna play...

Uncle Same

It was Daytona in my pickup truck
In the same year as the terrorists struck
Even now I think about the man
And I remember where those buildings stand

It took a while before we found out
It was Uncle Sam who carried it out
Without a doubt, and has a plan for me and you.

One-eyed Jacks

One-eyed Jacks were in the middle
of a ruthless confrontation between the Lords of Occupation
And the Princes of the One who rules them all.

I had grown tired of the battle and tired of the saddle
And tired of this lonely trail that may never lead back home.

Pressure of My Blood

I get out. I fall down

I get up.  I go round

I feel bad.  Don't feel good
Wouldn't change it.  If I could

took a blow
to the face
I was damaged
nose out of place

I don't want to see no more of the inside of a hospital door
I don't want to see the gauge that measures the pressure of my blood

I can't smoke.  I can't drink
Couldn't tell you.  If I need a shrink

I get high.  When I'm low
If its Thursday.  Go commando